We have the resources at our disposal to tackle a wide variety of projects for businesses. Here are the services we can offer your company.

Web Design

When we build a website, we don’t think of it as a technical challenge, necessarily. It’s a marketing challenge, and our priority is to understand your company, your brand, and your customers so that we can effectively communicate what you do.

Our first task when taking on a new client is to meet to dig deep into their company and what they do. After that, we create rapid prototypes which we present to the client for approval. We generally attempt to save as much time for our clients as possible, so we generally keep clients minimally involved in the process. However, clients can be as hands-on as they wish! After all, our goal is not just to build and maintain a website, but to craft a platform that fulfills that your revenue and marketing goals.


Copywriting is included in our basic web design package – when we create a website, it comes complete with professionally written copy, carefully structured to appeal to your customers and convey your brand. We also offer ongoing content work for your website.  In order to keep your site fresh and relevant to users, and to have a successful web marketing strategy, it’s important to continually produce fresh and relevant blog posts.

Logo Design

We have logo packages that range from a logo refresh or a new logo.  All packages include logo concepts, revisions, and delivery of finalized files with a stylesheet guide for typography and color. If you are a new business or an established business, we can create a new logo for you or help you refresh your existing logo.

Web Hosting / Maintenance

We work with a provider who offers quality WordPress hosting. If you are having issues with your site going down, reliability, or you just need a simple solution for hosting we’ve got you covered! We offer monthly packages to keep your site up to date so you don’t have to pay for costly upgrades in the future.


When we build your website, we optimize all content in accordance with the best practices of SEO. But customer expectations are always in a state of flux. Ongoing SEO services are available as well, so that you can remain visible on social and target the keywords that make the most sense at any given time. With our ongoing SEO management services, you can be certain that no matter what is happening on the Internet, in your industry, you will be right in the thick of it, successfully competing with other firms.


Much of our experience is in designing automated systems for businesses. This includes e-commerce, subscription-based, shipping, and integrated systems. Much of the time, businesses hire new people for tasks without realizing that an automated system could accomplish the same goal for significantly less money.

Being based in Northern California, we are able to design systems for anyone, as this constitutes a much longer-term relationship than most of our other services.

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