We have contractors in a wide variety of different professions and areas that we can draw upon to complete any marketing project, whether it involves web development, copywriting, logo design, or professional photography.

We believe that having partnerships with other professionals will serve you better than having the overhead of a large team. With our partnerships we are able to provide you with high quality work at a very reasonable price.

Here are some of our key partnerships:

Amy Miller

Amy Renée Miller is an Art Director and Graphic Designer with over 12 years experience designing for print, packaging, apparel and web. She now works part time as an Art Director for Bethel Media. She also owns her own design business, Amy Miller Design, and is available for contract or consulting design work.

Amy takes lead on any logo or creative projects for Progetta. Her years of experience will get you a beautifully designed logo, website, etc for a very affordable price.

Cornerstone Marketing Center

Cornerstone Marketing Center is a local one-stop shop for web marketing repair, set up, and fixes. Their technicians are helping us on WordPress Development for our clients. Cornerstone Marketing Center is also affiliated with Cloud Wise Academy, a local technology school that aims to educate the workforce of Shasta County is high-demand technology skills.

If you are interested in working with Progetta, please contact us.